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Kevin Rudd and his invisible sock puppet

Monday, August 17th, 2009

I’m working my way through a digital box full of Chaser episodes I missed while travelling, so apologies to readers in Australia for month-old news, but it’s important for our international visitors to see a world-class language mangler at the lectern.

I refer, of course, to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Orwell foretold his arrival half a century ago in when he wrote 1984, in which language was an important tool in keeping people under control. In Newspeak:

“Any word in the language . . . could be used as either verb, noun, adjective or adverb.”  *

Watch Kevin as he pulls out an invisible sock puppet and drones out this stream of Kevspeak to the German media:

“It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have anything emerge from the MEF by way of detailed programmatic specificity.”

God knows what they would have made of that, given that Germans all speak much better English than this. Probably something like:

Why does this man not use a professional speechwriter like every other leader in the world?

Inspired by setting Obama’s words to music during the US Presidential campaign, The Chaser recruited a batch of prominent Australians to do the same for some classic Ruddisms.

Forget Yes We Can. Never have Appropriate Processes or Natural Complementarity carried such emotional power

* Nicked from this informative article about Orwellian business language in the New Statesman.