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Conan O’Brien vs The G Man

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Now where was I? Sorry about the two months off. Ironically, all my spare time got consumed by a couple of heavy-duty presentations. You always underestimate how long it takes to develop a completely new presentation, unless you’re knocking out a quick bullet point show, and that would leave us open to charges of hypocrisy.

The most complex of the two shows, a game show at the MEA national conference at Melbourne Convention Centre, was one of the most enjoyable presentations I’ve done in years, thanks to a brilliant panel of contestants. I believe MEA are working their way through the permission maze to get it up on line permanently, so we’ll link it up then.

In the meantime here’s a gallery of show shots, if you’re interested in seeing some of the most respected figures in the event industry in leopard skin cat masks feeding each other strange cocktail foods.

Meanwhile, for those of you who’ve sat through as many IT industry on-stage conference chat sessions as we have, here’s a treat for you. The newly-free Conan O’Brien - legally constrained from being funny on any medium except Twitter - on stage at a Google event, toying with eager senior Google boss Vic Gundotra like a tiger with a ball of string.

O’Brien ignores the standard convention of being polite about the client and the product - “You guys are so power-mad now…”.

As a result, it’s probably the funniest conference presentation you’ll see. It’s 48 minutes, but worth it.  Watch it at home instead of whatever classic repeats your local network is serving up.

By the way, doesn’t the bearded Conan look like Burger King’s spooky King mascot?


Say It With Pictures, Google-style

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Rule 1 of Presentation Communication is: say it with pictures.

I’m arranging to catch up with old friends for a few beers tonight.

Thought we’d go to The Taphouse, just around the corner from the office. It’s Sydney’s antidote to generic lager boredom.

To help people find it, I emailed everyone the address details and a Google street map.

Just out of interest, I clicked on the ‘Street View’ button to see the charming Victorian-era streetscape. And here it is:


Yep, it’s the freeway tunnel ten metres below The Taphouse. I guess their camera-car drivers don’t like stopping at all those troublesome intersections above ground.

Rule 2 of Presentations: if you’re saying it with pictures, maybe get a human to check it first.