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Five Thoughts On Your Twitter Strategy

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

You can’t always write about presentations, so welcome to Off-Topic Sunday!

Since every blog in the world suggests you need a personal or corporate Twitter strategy, here are five things to consider before you do.

1. Ashton Kutcher
This week, he beat CNN to be the first to have a million followers. So the global showpiece of the Future of Communication is a stream of random thoughts from a man-boy actor best known as cougar bait.

2. Stephen Fry
In any medium, he’s one of the funniest, most interesting people in the world. Now he’s hammering out this kind of thing:

Mmm. shall go for walk and clear poor fuddled head. Luncheon would be welcome too.

If Twitter can make Stephen Fry that pedestrian, what could it do for you or I?

3. CB Radio
Those with a long memory might remember what happens when people decide to broadcast every thought via amusing new technology. How far did that advance the human cause, Good Buddy? And will there be a Twitter movie starring Burt Reynolds?

4. Basic Economics
Lesson 2 in high school economics was the Supply Curve, which showed that as the quantity of something on offer approaches infinity, its value approaches zero.

The people who run the Olympics understand this. The people who run international cricket don’t.

Now that everyone in the world has the tools to tell you what they’re thinking about having for dinner, what do you think that information is worth?

5. Twewbies
I read today that new Twitter users are known as Twewbies. Twewbies! As if the word ‘tweets’ wasn’t infantile enough. If you’re willing to say twewbies, or even think it, that’s all the proof you need that a 140 character limit has shrunk your word skills and attention span to toddler level.

But if you insist on more proof, check out this Twitter Lord banging on about how brands must Take Note of his personal opinions on McDonalds and yogurt. At first I thought it was a genius piece of satire in style of The Office, but no, he’s real.

Via David Murray