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Downsize this: convention centre boss whacked by AV guy

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009



If you have a nasty feeling that your boss is about to make you redundant, do you:

A. Work harder to make your department more viable.

B. Accept your fate and start taking lots of office stationery home while you’ve got the chance.

C: Contract a team of six Colombians to shoot him dead before he can take you out.

The Head of AV at Barcelona Convention Centre selected Option C, according to this Reuters report, having his boss whacked by the Colombian contractors in a desperate attempt to save himself from ‘restructuring’.

Thanks to Greg van Dyke for drawing this incident to our attention.

Here’s how to tell if your AV technician has Pablo Escobar tendencies:

1. Amid all the black uniforms, one tech is wearing a white linen suit.

2. Only has one button on op. desk, for trapdoor to under-stage shark pool.

3. Has a moustache of any kind.

4. Delivery van has 20″ chrome rims*.

5. Reaches inside jacket when you mention you’re packing some bullet points.

*Scene Change vans only have responsible 15″ chrome rims. And no operators with moustaches outside of Movember. Yep, you’re safe with Scene Change.